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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                          
died in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Bronagh, Gareth, Saoirse - Ireland’s official storm names 2018 couldn’t be more Irish! 

Tale of Turkish Sultan’s help during Irish Famine to become a movie 

100-year-old Irish woman reveals secret to a long life 

Horror as Irish famine memorial desecrated in Providence, R.I. 

Irish heritage is potentially linked to this deadly disease 

The real-life “Jaws” - New Jersey shark attacks in 1916 

Dublin Magdalene Laundry closed in 1996 could be a museum to women and children who suffered  

Titanic Experience among the top five museums in Northern Ireland 

 Irish flashmob singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" will give you all the feels 

Discover “The Book of Kells” online through new Trinity College free course  FREE

Genealogy goldmine Church of Ireland Parish Registers to go online.. in case you missed this

Fearless 84-year-old fights off three armed robbers in Irish bookies 

Dinosaurs were once in Ireland, what would they have looked like? 

Dublin's newest museum maps a journey from Georgian house to tenement dwelling 

National Bread Week deserves this modern twist on the traditional Irish bread pudding recipe 

Irish blackberry jam and custard donuts recipe 

FOOD&WINE: Favorite recipes for National Bread Week 

Chocolate Milkshake Day is complete with this Guinness and Jameson Ice Cream Float recipe 


Rooting out secrets from the family tree

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ABC News: Australian behind world's grandest piano

Vine Entryway, Tuscany, Italy  wunderlusttwins

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Hunger Stones Are Back       Aero Beach       Hadrian's Reservoir (below an outdoor movie theatre)



Reclaim the Records has announced that their Freedom of Information request (FOIL) from 2017 to the New York State Department of Health for the birth index in 2017 has been fulfilled. The dates of 1881-1934 are currently online at the Internet Archive and the remaining years 1935-1942 will be online by the end of this week! Note: These are New York State not New York City birth indices. New York City is a separate US Public Heath jurisdiction from New York State. Additionally, the cities of Albany, Buffalo and Yonkers are not included until about 1914 or 1915 as they did not initially participate in statewide registration of births and kept their own records. Later years of the birth index may become publically available after 75 years and each January Reclaim the Records will make new FOIL requests for each newly-available year of data. Note: NY State has a 75 year embargo on  birth records and the person is known to be deceased. To get to them on Internet archive go to:  There is a magnification option as the writing is small.
The index is sorted by year and then alphabetically by surname within each year. The town is listed and the certificate number is also available. That is how I found my uncles' birth index above.

Previously, the statewide birth indexes were only available to those located in upstate New York Public libraries and the New York City branch of the National Archives. Those were only available on microfiche sheets.  On Internet Archive you can browse the images, download the images and repost to your own website or transcribe to your own database. For now the database is image only-it has not yet been indexed. Reclaim the Records stated they think in the next year or two several of the genealogy websites will be working on indexing projects to make them text-searchable. Reclaim the Records has contacted the State Department of Health about 66 missing microfische sheets for 1905.

Some, not all original birth names for New York State adoptees are listed in the index as the state  reused the same certificate number on both the original and amended birth certificates, tying together the old and new name.

Once you found the name and certificate number you can order a copy of the original certificate which has additional information. You can order the record directly from the New York State Department of Health in Albany NY by going to: You can also go to the local city or town clerk where the birth took place. Be aware some towns only provide a typed extract of the information not a copy of the actual certificate as it may be in a "binder book" with other events and they cannot share the additional information on the page. Albany may take up to 8 months to fulfill the request.

To read the full release from Reclaim the Records go to:

Both Ancestry ( and Reclaim the Records have obtained the indexes and are available on the Internet. Ancestry is a subscription site, with many public libraries having access to the database, whereas Reclaim the Records has posted them to Internet Archive ( with free access.


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Book Reviews...

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Upcoming Trove Newspaper Titles...SEPT 2018, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA, INTERNATIONAL..including Philippines and Timor,

Irish Graves

Additions to

Bundaberg Catholic Cemetery.  Thanks to Catherine Murnane

Luddenham thanks to Gail Christopher

Waverley thanks to Elaine Rogers and Noelene Harris

Tinonee thanks to Gail Christopher

Carr Villa thanks to Janine Wilson

Headlines of Old

ghost tours, Circumnavigating  Australia's Colonial History - TROVE TUESDAY  18th Sept 2018 Pt. 11, St. Helena Island Moreton Bay Queensland, penal settlement, heritage listed national park, escaped prisoners, bone shaker, horse drawn tram, ‘hell hole of the Pacific’,  
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