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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


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records-access - alerts

The French Genealogy Blog recently reported on limitations to access of French vital records. These embargos have been in effect since 2008.

·         Birth registration / acte de naissance - 75 years
·         Marriage registration / acte de mariage - 75 years
·         Death registration / acte de décès - no restriction
·         Ten-year indices to the above three /  tables décennales - no restriction
·         Census returns / recensements - 75 years
·         Notarial records / actes notariés - 75 years
·         Judicial records / archives judiciaires - 75 years
·         Personnel records / dossier de personnel - 50 years
·         Medical records / secret médical - 25 years after the death of the individual or 120 years after his or her birth

However, they make the point that  "public access to the record does not mean that the information may be published."   The blog cited a recent court case where a historian had researched over 6,000 families. In his research he gathered thousands of vital records and published them in a book. Some of the people who were subjects of the records are still alive. On one of the birth records, a marginal note commented that the child had been adopted. That person is still alive and he and his son sued the author for revealing the about the adoption, without permission, stating it was a privacy violation. They also criticized the author for defending his contention that an adoptive filiations is worthless in the face of filiation by blood. The book is about French nobility. 

The plaintiffs argued that the law of July 2008 which reduced the vital records embargo period from 100 years to75 years (see above) does not allow the use of civil registration data without the prior consent of the persons concerned.  The court ruled in the plaintiff's  favor. The Paris Court of Appeal ruled in April 2016 that the fact that the information has already been published, even with the agreement of the concerned person, "does not affect the existence of this invasion of privacy." The author and writer then appealed to the Court of Cassation, the highest appellate court which interprets law only, and does not reexamine the facts of the case. That court also found for the plaintiff, stating "the establishment of parentage fall within private life and enjoy protections under the Civil Code."
To read the article about the court case see:
Original url:

The article on the court case is in French and is best opened in the Chrome browser for 
Translation or go to a translation site such as google translate


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To celebrate 100 years of votes for women we've made our civil birth, marriage and death records and all of our census records completely FREE until 8 February.
Plus, we've just released a brand new collection of Suffragette records and they're also FREE.
Find out more:

Texas, Laredo Arrival Manifests 1903-1955 Image Browse

Idaho, Southeast Counties Obituaries 1864-2007 Image Browse

British Armed Forces and Overseas Births and Baptisms

British Armed Forces and Overseas Banns and Marriages

British Armed Forces and Overseas Deaths and Burials 

British Armed Forces and Overseas Browse

Hertfordshire Baptisms

Hertfordshire Banns and Marriages

Hertfordshire Burials

Hertfordshire Parish Record Browse

Yorkshire Memorial Inscriptions

Northumberland and Durham Memorial Inscriptions

British Newspapers

Discover women in records


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Aust.Day 2018, Scotland's People BDMs, new releases Irish newspapers, books reborn, bushranger Joe, Windsor Bridge debacle, Aus. Cemetery Inscriptions -Family Search, First Fleeters Devonshire St. cemetery, all your favourites and lots of Aussie links, First Fleet facts (thanks to Lonetester), convict dances, rare glimpse into pre war Aust., finding naturalisation details, Double murder suicide, Irish love stories that changed history, great list of Interesting blogs, Jersey BDMs and so much more. 

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Australia Day Honours List 2018, full list of Order of Australia, plus links to others,
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Headlines of Old

The first British ships in Australia. after Capt. Cook post 1776, Trove Tuesday 30 Jan. 2018, lists of supplies, Governors Phillip, Gidley King, Hunter; convict mutiny, American traders, meeting La Perouse, ships of the fleet, Irish convicts, British, stowaways, Sirius, Supply, Boddington, Sugar Cane, Britannia, William and Ann, Daedalus, Francis, Halcyon, and many more ships.. shipwrecks, snow ships..

Irish Graves

Bundaberg.. thanks to Tracie Nanna Reagan

Kalgoorlie, WA  thanks to Moya Sharp

Old Cavalry Cemetery, Boston, USA thanks to Elaine Meuse

Te Aroha,  North Island, New Zealand…  thanks to Stuart Park

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