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Logan West Library 

69 Grand Plaza Drive, Browns Plains, Qld, 4118
Site Unseen (Internet Sources for Genealogy)  
Event Type: Adult Literacy 
Date: 15/08/2016 
Start Time: 10:30 AM 
End Time: 11:30 AM
Library: Logan West Library
Location: Meeting Room
Description: How to make the best use of the internet for research and some of the sites which are not so well know which may be of use to family historians. Lady Teviot,Vice President of the Federation of Family History Societies will be visiting New South Wales and Queensland this August from the UK to speak to local libraries, Family History Societies and Rotary Clubs. Lady Teviot has been involved with family history research for over 43 years. 

Queensland State Archives
School admission registers Search procedure 14  Queensland State Archives
This search procedure will assist you to access admission registers for government schools.
If you do not have the school name, follow the steps in 
How to find the name of a school
To begin the search you need the following details: 
school name; or name of the town, or suburb
approximate date of admission.
How to find the school admission register
1. Go to Archives Search (the Queensland State Archives’ catalogue)
2. Open Basic search on the left side of the screen
3. Enter the name of the school (town or suburb) and the word school in the 
Search for box, e.g. Alice Creek School
4. Click View Results -Series category
to view matching school admissions
5. Open the Series search results
6. View itemsand select the matching item/s by date range
7. Scroll to find either digital copies to view or a microfilm number
If digital copies are listed, follow the link to view the digital copies; 
if there are no digital copies, look for a microfilm number to record, and proceed to Step 8. 
If there are neither digital copies, nor a microfilm number, you can order the item by entering
your Researcher ID and table number. 
Print request slip, and the register will be retrieved to the shelves with table numbers 
8. Help yourself to the microfilm in the microfilm room
9. Wind the microfilm to the school admission register. Note: because there may be more than one 
register on the microfilm, look at the film cover to find the register for your research. 
How to find the name of a school
1. Go to the book titled 
Education Department 
- School Inspectors Maps in the finding aids area, bay 
1. It is a thin book with a green spine 
2. Look for the name of the largest town closest to your area of interest. (If you do not know a 
large town near by, seek assistance from the Archivist on duty)
3. Record the book number/s for the town or major centre, e.g. Atherton 23 and 24
4. Record the name of the school from the book. Note: book numbers are stencilled in black 
in the bottom left hand corner of the book covers and the books have red spines
5. If you have found the school name, proceed to How to find the school admission register
. Note: Queensland State Archives does not hold all school admission registers.
Access to restricted school admission registers 
All school admission registers are subject to a 15 year restricted access period.
Access to any closed school admission registers is granted at the discretion 
of the Department of Education and Training. 
Queensland State Archives has a process for applying for access to these records.
Please ask the Reference Archivist on duty for details.



Rags, Rugs, and a Mystery Textile Ranger

A little of the history of the Queensland Irish Association and the Irish Club

Books I'd recommend  ..

The Irish Country Women's Cookbook 

A Terrace of Houses - A Passion of People Brian Dinnan (via Clare Roots Society)
(St. Flannan's Terrace)

OLD TIMERS   David Darcy


The BONE MAN of KOKODA   Charles Happell


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