Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Our lives are made of many moments in time, some we barely notice as they pass on by, just like so many before them.

However, some make you sit up and take notice... they leave an impression that stays with you.

They don't necessarily have to be the momentous moments, such as births, marriages or deaths, just something that means a lot to you, even if not to others...

One such moment came to me recently. I was totally surprised and honoured to be have one of my blogs selected by the National Library Australia to be archived in perpetuity by PANDORA, to be listed among many of the sites I follow.

You can see the lists of archived sites here... http://pandora.nla.gov.au/

The blog is " Irish Graves - they who sleep in foreign lands."


 This site is for those graves outside of Ireland, particularly isolated graves, in the hope that those researching may be able to 'find' their ancestors.

There are a number of pages, listed on the side column... you will notice that there is a Pandora button and a Pandora search box which I am honoured to display.

The opening post is of Norfolk Island...

                                       (c) Jeff O'Keefe

Here are just a couple of photos to give you some idea of what to expect.  Details of how you can contribute are also in the side column on the site.

 (c) Jeff O'Keefe

 (c) Jeff O'Keefe 


My sincere appreciation goes to all who have kindly contributed to the Irish Graves graves site and all those who have encouraged me. Irish Graves is very much a work in progress, so please return as you can. 


  1. Congratulations Chris!!! The recognition is well deserved. With very best wishes and thanks, Catherine.

    1. That is very kind of you to say so...I really appreciate that, Catherine.


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