Saturday, December 3, 2011


  Santa Wore  A T-Shirt

The sleigh was packed, the reindeer fed
And all was right to go
Santa was warm in his big red suit
Dressed warmly for the snow.

He clattered upon the rooftops
Of countries far and wide
He sneaked a peek through frosty glass
And saw warm fires there inside.

He shivered all through England
Scotland and Ireland, too
Greece was not much warmer
nor was Katmandu.

Then time to visit southern climes
He was looking forward to that
The reindeer crossed the equator
Then suddenly went splat!

It was as if a wall of steaming mist
Had come upon the lot
No other way to say it
It was simply far too hot!

The reindeer started panting
They really had to drink
Santa was perspiring,
He could barely think.

Off came the big red scarf
That Mrs. Claus had made
Santa was all flustered
As the reindeer looked for shade.

Down they went to Surfers
The Gold Coast to you and me
Then Santa started stripping
A funny sight to see.

The boots were gone, the red pants too
The jacket flung aside
Indeed, it was a funny sight
Reindeer surfing with the tide.

Now Santa looked a wee bit strange
Till he saw an Aussie mate
Who gave him his old t shirt
Then Santa looked so great.

So if you were at Surfers
The morn that Santa did drop by
You'd have seen Santa in a t shirt
And cool reindeer who could fly!

Crissouli (c) 2009


  1. Thank you, have to have a smile...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jill... just a little bit of fun...

  3. Thank you, seemed to have a mind of it's own as I wrote it, laughing all the way!

  4. Sorry, Pauline... as you will see above, I have a friend called Pauleen, and I am used to typing that. My apologies...


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