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Panning by S.T. Gill


GSQ Blog.  Family links to land Stephanie Ryan
Last week's blog.. My Great Grandfather Alfred Robyn Dean

Queensland State Archives ....
Memory Lounge reopens...The lounge provides a comfortable and welcoming space inspired by mid-century interiors selected to create a dementia-friendly environment. Visitors are welcome to relax and browse through photo albums of images from the Archives, evoking memories of the State’s history. The Memory Lounge is a free and public space .... Reading Room, 435 Compton Road, Runcorn
Dead Farm Files this series contains records relating to leases where the leaseholder is paying off the purchase price and a freehold title (Deed of Grant) is issued when fully paid. Tenure types include agricultural farm leases, grazing homestead leases and perpetual lease selections.   Book your spot in the Reading Room

Queensland Unclaimed Letters Index 1860-1874 here

John Grenham  "DNA Family Secrets" - "I had myself a bawl"- 

The National Archives UK newsletter incl. Platinum Jubilee Gallery

Find My Past

Did you know we have a remarkable 1.6 billion free records available? Perhaps you’re yearning to start tracing your own heritage, but don’t know where to begin? Maybe social history has your heart beyond anything else? With Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee approaching, enter our prize draw, search free collections, and give your family history journey a kickstart. What are you waiting for?   Explore what awaits

Outback Family History

Atlas Obscura

Irish Central


Family history across the seas

“Merry” Month of May Meme: the New Normal

Carmel's Corner
Stair na hÉireann | History of Ireland
Humoring the Goddess
Anne's Family History
Tales from the Grave
Brotmanblog: A Family Journey
Diary of an Australian Genealogist
Sunday Evening Art Gallery
The Irish Story
Pauline Conolly
The Gentle Author
Historical Ragbag



Theresa Smith

Better Reading

Allen & Unwin

Heartland Jennifer Pinkerton

Queen Menopause Alison Daddo

Scrubbed   Dr. Nikki Stamp

Rattled       Ellis Gunn

Managing Expectations Minnie Driver

Outback Teacher Sally Gare

Penguin Books 

Here Goes Nothing    Steve Toltz     READ THE Q&A

His Name Is George Floyd    George Floyd

Bittersweet  Susan Cain   TAKE A LOOK

*Just announced: 2022 Australian Book Industry Awards shortlist -

Atlas of the Heart      Brené Brown

The Good Left Undone   Sarah Pearse

Talking About a Revolution  Yassmin Abdel-Magied  READ A CHAPTER

Audiobooks were first invented in 1932. They were originally recorded on vinyl records, with each side only holding 15 minutes of recordings.

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 13th May 2022, Qld State Library 120 years, 60 years of Ireland, world's loneliest post office, Counties Cavan, Donegal & Fermanagh, protective poison, forged sculptures, Can you merge Africa and Europe?, Italian streets that don’t exist, Forestiere Underground Gardens, Photo Colorizers, great blogs and reviews…

Headlines of Old

INTESTATE ANNOUNCEMENTS... Trove Tuesday 17th May 2022

some from most states..

Feel free to share…

Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday, INTESTATE ANNOUNCEMENTS. (repeat from last week as many would have missed that, plus new additions and a link to an earlier post on same subject)

Feel free to share, the title is the link.

Keep safe and well.
This will past.

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