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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


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Open online...  Learning Webinar:  Register for Tracing the History of Your House Wed 20 May


Anglo-Celtic Connections

Atlas Obscura

Lizards Are Evolving in Response to Hurricanes  Greenland’s Hidden Grand Canyon

NASA’s Most Spectacular Image of Earth    Stories From the 1918 Flu Pandemic

A Belated Memorial    Berlin’s Old Medieval Wall        Kitchen Hacks from Tough Times Past

The Great Geology Mystery   Creating Portraits From a Distance   Cliffside Guesthouse

Wildly Impractical Wine Glasses   Quarantine Herbarium      Ghost Town Quarantine

Ring Mountain Petroglyphs    It’s Time to Record Your Family’s History  A Canvas for Creativity

Secret Staircase    Traces of the Bronze Age  Ancient Citadel  Virtual ‘Bookshelf Championship’

The Fiery End of the Biggest Treehouse     The Magic of Imperfect Objects  Tumbleweed ‘Tornado’

Cat Island   Madagascar’s Ancient Mammal     Contact-Free Dining   


Stair na hÉireann 


The Irish Story

Humouring the Goddess

Irish in the American Civil War

The Gentle Author

Coronavirus live updates: Ireland begins to gradually reopen from May 18

Irish payback Great Hunger kindness reaching out to Native Americans struck by COVID-19

Kerryn Taylor  Stanley Raymond Tuckett

Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…

Night Lessons in Little Jerusalem by Rick Held

Just My Luck by Adele Parks

The Things She Owned by Katherine Tamiko Arguile

The Lizard by Dugald Bruce-Lockhart

Podcast: Kelly Rimmer on Why Nothing Compares to When Readers Share their Personal Stories

Podcast: Andrew Daddo on How to Make Reading Fun for Kids

Allen & Unwin

The Viennese Girl   Jenny Lecoat

Fool Me Once  Karly Lane

A Treacherous Country   K.M.Kruimink    Australian Vogel's Literary Award Winner 2020

The Power of an Adventure Wilbur Smith podcast

The Wisdom of Tea Noriko Morishita

An Alice Girl    Tanya Heaslip

Radio Girl  David Dufty

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

Friday Fossicking May 1 2020, British Army War Diaries 1914--22, UFO village, naturalisation records, FREE Broadway Musicals, Greater London Burial Index, sparkling dolphins, Portuguese-French-Italian Archives, underpass troll, 1918 influenza diaries, Kent Baptisms-marriages & Banns - burials, livestream the Great Barrier Reef,  wives & children of Irish convicts 1825-1840, read unclaimed letters yet? …Databases of the dead, FREE audiobooks and much more….
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Do you think God will ever run out of ideas?

Headlines of Old

Unclaimed Letters 1849, Various States Issue 2, 5th May 2020, thousands of names, some occupations, suggestions for further research, further reading..destinations vary from streets to places to hotels to post offices, etc. Some have lots of details, others just names…Feel free to share..

As They Were

New County Westmeath Records, 13000 added cemeteries -baptisms -marriages-deaths,… Mullingar RC, Clara Horseleap RC Updates, Castlepollard RC, Mayne ( Coole parish) RC,  and more..

Stay safe and well and be kind to yourself.

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