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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Are you ready to dive into #genealogy projects this week? We have some great projects you might want to consider . . Thomas MacEntee

I Love Bello Shire  incl. Neighbours Supporting Neighbours  & 'We Miss You Mum' by Greg Wall ... great story

Hospitals | State Records of South Australia. Thanks to Lonetester

* Victorian Divorce Index 1939-1942.
Click this link to access it:

You're free to download it, send it to your friends, print it out - basically do whatever you want with the 4,300+ names here. Thanks to Carmel Marie

News from Spain:
The king has been quarantined on his private jet.  This means the reign in Spain will stay mainly on the plane  Thanks, Nancy J.M.




A Globemaker in a Digital World    A Sculptor's Legacy, Now on Postage  A Forest of Furniture

Home Sweet Airplane   Digitizing 100,000 Historic Belgian Texts  Salt-Rising Bread

The Guardians of Rockford   A Glimpse Into Past Lives   How to Bake an Ancient Sourdough

Europe’s Cave Bears Had No Chill    Iran’s Rainbow Island  Sourdough Library

Mysterious Medieval Grotto   Sprinklers, Sirens, and Freud’s Toilet    Circus Capital of the World’

‘Chicken Church’       Ski Slope Power Plant  Fingal’s Cave   At the Drive-In  Beer Cheese

Decorated Ostrich Eggs   House of the Blackheads   Neanderthal Surf and Turf   The Arctic Henge

The Rescued Film Project 

TINTEÁN MAGAZINE    incl.  About my Belfast Girls

An Irish Clachan in South Australia by Susan Arthure

You can subscribe for free.. details by clicking on the name of the magazine


Butterfly boom sweeps across Queensland  Watch a funnel-web shedding its exoskeleton

Australia’s most isolated people share their advice for keeping busy 

This is why bats can carry deadly disease with little effect on their health

The Phuket horned tree agamid has mighty Godzilla spines

Even more dangerous than they look     The country pub: An outback NSW icon


Archaeologists Discover Paintings of Goddess in 3,000-Year-Old Mummy's Coffin

Ten Museums You Can Virtually Visit     Ten Surprising Facts About Everyday Household Objects

Take a Virtual Tour of Two Recently Excavated Homes in Pompeii     

Five New Nonfiction Books to Read While You're Stuck at Home

How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian From Your Living Room

Watch Seven Medieval Castles' Digital Reconstruction

The Colorful History of the Troll Doll


[Records-Access-Alerts] (United Kingdom) Isle of Man Permits Online Birth and Death Registrations Due to Coronavirus

The Registrar General issued the Emergency Powers (Coronavirus) Births and Deaths Modifications Regulations 2020 which went into force on April 8, 2020. This permits registrants to submit details to be registered via the online service available for both births and deaths.

To read the regulations see:


The Frugal Family Historian


Before Bernadette

The Legal Genealogist

Maher Matters

Social Bridge ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

Humouring the Goddess

The Gentle Author

Looking forward, looking back

Ballyshannon Musings 

Stair na hÉireann

Applegate Genealogy


Jimmy Long - a link with Paddy Hannan ~ Outback Family History

K is for Kezia | Digging Up Roots


Earlier Years...

Money matters   


Dymocks Booklovers TOP 100 LIST as voted for by readers

Better Reading

Book of the Week: Gulliver's Wife by Lauren Chater

Strangers by C.L. Taylor 

The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay

No Small Shame by Christine Bell

The List of Things That Will Not Change by Rebecca Stead

Podcast: Julia Baird on Things that Sustain You when the World Goes Dark

and from my blogs..

That Moment in Time
Friday Fossicking 10 Apr 2020, Bumper Edition, Watch-Listen-Read..all FREE, Virtual museum visits, medieval murder map, FREE records..via FMP and Ancestry, England & Wales electoral registers, best April Fool’s Day pranks, Live Book reviews, audio books FREE from libraries, Easter recipes…fun for kids, Ireland’s forgotten past, research Codes..Qld BDM… add D for adoption…not on list, London Genealogy databases online, Explore Scotland’s Lord of the Isles..virtually, ancient alchemy for beginners, and so much more…Feel free to share
Happy Easter!

Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 14 Apr 2020, numerous names, some gossip, travellers, interesting times, local & international, social & business. Often Personals are a great way to fill in gaps of time… did your ancestor move, or travel overseas… perhaps got married?  Some include probate notices, they can lead you to more in the family…
Feel free to share…

As They Were

New North Dublin Records, names and addresses of 639 dog licence holders,,

Keep safe and well..


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