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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


August - Libby Prescott, One husband too many: female bigamists transported to Australia by Tas Hist Research Assoc | FREE Listening on SoundCloud  Thanks to Maree Ring

Why are the waiting lists for library e-books so long? fastcompany

How spending time in nature can improve your mental health - ABC News

Genealogy Today: Look to Canada for Irish immigrants  Green Valley News

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum | Ireland Reaching Out


It’s OK to Take a Break! Alona

The Free RootsTech London Livestream Schedule and the Premium Virtual Pass  Alona Tester

Upcoming free family history events  The Frugal Historian

RootsTech London: Last Minute Tips  Laura Hedgecock

Genealogy's Star: Logins and Passwords -- The bane of genealogists

A Genealogist In The Archives: 5 Easy Steps to Preserving Newspaper Clippings  Melissa Barker

Geniaus   Announcing the winner - VGA Virtual Conference free registration

Irish ancestry unearthed - every census since 1926 online  Irish Central

Find My Past

Greater London Burial Index

Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions

Dorset Memorial Inscriptions

England & Wales Government Probate Death Index 1960-2019

British Press   Express (London)  North British Daily Mail  Sun (London)  Lady’s Own Paper


The Tweety Bird Test         The Patron Saint of Bookstores     Ada Lovelace, Pioneer

The Cultural Differences in Humpback Whale Songs 

What Desert Cities Can Teach Us about Water


Ancestry     Announcing AncestryHealth - A message from the CEO of Ancestry

I Love Bello Shire  incl. All the components of a great cafe

State Library Qld incl.     Meet me at the Paragon     continues FREE   Meet Dr Rolf Gomes FREE

The National Archives incl.   Family History Day    Fear, fashion and design in the Cold War

Michael in Ireland incl.   The Corncrake by Pat Watson 😂

Anglo-Celtic Connections

North Buckinghamshire Lloyd George Domesday Survey  Open Domesday

Canadians and the Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War   Sunday Sundries

RootsTech London News   Voici Voilà  Legacy webinar on privacy online with Judy Russell

Perth & District Historical Society October Meeting 

Outback Family History

The Golden Graveyard:   My Own Dear Boy:-   A Gentleman of the Road-   A Field of Paper Daisies:

Australian Geographic

White-bellied sea-eagle preys on feral pig    Boa constrictor ‘at large’ in Western Sydney

Natural selection: see a pod of orcas attack a humpback whale calf

We unearthed these magically illustrated Australian bird eggs  How to stay safe in snake season

Urban bird-watching guide to Melbourne

Family Search 

How to Review Indexed Batches     Meet the Latin America Research Team!

What Is Google Photos and How Can It Help You with Family History?

Discover Fun Facts about Yourself    Brazilian Food—Authentic Recipes

Atlas Obscura

It’s Not Easy Being Green   300 South Wacker Drive   Cretaceous Smells      Puerto de Altura Mexico

Silo City Buffalo, Niagara      Eavesdropping on Manatees  Panama   Sardinian Throat Singing

Sword of Goujian  Botanical Blueprints of the Past    Incredible Islands  United Nations Ceiling

For Sale: A Pink Temple to Temperance   Charting the World's Waterfalls       Laguna Verde

Twelve Apostles Scotland  Magnificent Moons   Belize’s Drained Swamps  Victoriahuset Sweden

Ancient ‘Hobbits’   Forgotten Mardi Gras Designer   Pokaini Forest Latvia

Mapping the World Through Smell   video


The Legal Genealogist

The history in the news   Finding the law in the Natural State

The Gentle Author

Surma Centre Portraits    In Old Stepney   The Arrival Of The Gallant

At The Boar’s Head Playhouse     Tim Hunkin’s Fulfilment Center Machine 

The Alleys, Byways & Courts Of Old London  A Childhood In Charterhouse Square


Trove Tuesday - Sydney to London

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

Cohens on the Beach: Another Case for Sherlock Cohn, The Photogenealogist

Returning to Goldschmidt Research: A Dearth of Records, but A Wealth of Information 

The Irish Story

Report: The Latest Online Release of Military Service Pension Files


Genealogy News Bytes - 11 October 2019 

Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 6 to 12 October 2019

Monday Genea-Pourri - Week Ending 13 October 2019   Genealogy News Bytes - 15 October 2019


Borrowing From Famous Artists   Susanna Bauer cute  Faerie Paths — Beauty  lovely

Expanding Your Horizons

Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in Irish History – 14 October: 

Reflections from an Open Window..

A Touch of Christmas Every Day


“You will never be poor as long as you have a ha’penny”: The Story of Grandfather Tincknell and his Coin Purse | In Search of Men and Women with Initiative - Solving Family Puzzles  worth rereading

Tracking Down the Family 

Earl Grey Irish Famine Orphans  Jennifer Jones

Irish in the American Civil War

Podcast: The Last Letters of Ulster Emigrants in the American Civil War Damian Shiels

The Family Curator

Learn Online with the Virtual Genealogy 2019 Conference


Fly Away  reblogged

Historian Ruby: an Historian's Miscellany

Blue Plaques: a Present from London


New photography exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland is a must-see 

Starlings murmuration in Galway continues to wow 

Ireland listed among top 20 countries to visit in 2020 

Where are the most Irish cities and towns in the USA? 

Irish student scams online fraudsters and donates profits to charity 

You can't travel to Ireland without visiting this ice cream store 

Oliver Cromwell’s war crimes: The Sack of Wexford on this day in 1649 

The Irish Famine ghosts linger still on Grosse Isle 

Did St. Brendan arrive to America before Christopher Columbus? 

Irish actor Moe Dunford's breakthrough year has arrived 

Irish monastery's ad with nude biblical artwork banned by Facebook 

Spanish Armada treasure discovered off the Sligo coast 

Are $3k "Jesus shoes" including real Holy water offensive? 

Rare American bird blown across Atlantic by Storm Lorenzo found in Kerry  

1,000 days without government in Northern Ireland 

POLL: Do you see the image of the Virgin Mary in this Irish vintage cabinet? 

The most haunted spots in Ireland to visit this Halloween 

Eating like our Irish Iron Age ancestors 

Irish baby names become top choice in Hollywood 

How Guinness saved Ireland in World War II 

Funny phrases Irish use that Americans don’t 

The Irish and apparitions of the Virgin Mary have a long history

Antrim Coastline named among best in the world

Outrage as UK court rules all born in Northern Ireland are British, not Irish 

Irish mother whose daughter died by suicide hopes bullies “rot in hell” 

The Ultimate Irish Reading List with IrishCentral’s Book Club 

Magical natural event captured at Cliffs of Moher 

Ancient Irish wedding traditions and superstitions 

Iconic founder of Milwaukee Irish Fest passes away aged 74

Michael Collins, Oscar Wilde, and Eugene O’Neill all celebrate their birthdays today

Photos of US army tanks and shipwrecks off the coast of Ireland 

Who Do You Think You Are? - this season's biggest revelations 

Is this Wexford castle Ireland's most haunted house? 

The deadly Irish American serial killer nurse Jolly Jane 

Vote for this Dublin museum as the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction 

Dublin's award-winning EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum an Irish national treasure you must visit 

Thirty scary Halloween words in Irish 

A Halloween recipe for Irish tea brack and just why tea is so important to the Irish 

The perfect Irish Halloween barmbrack recipe 


Solitude Sweetmeat Emily's Quill Pen

Serendipity meets Genea-generosity  cassmob

The Hungry Years – From Prisons and Poorhouses  Brian Harris

Another Saturday, Another Chicken allenrizzi

Mystery James Sheedy of Tipperary and Hunters River NSW  JinnySpeake

A Wife for Sale  Alona

Encore: Cross-Word Clothes: 1925  chriswoodyard


Theresa Smith

The Week That Was…        #BookBingo – Round 21

Book Review: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Book Review: The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

Book Review: Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith

#TBT: What I was reading this time last year…

Allen & Unwin

Silver     Chris Hammer     Bruny   Heather Rose  Angel Mage  Garth Nix

 Better Reading

Book of the Week: Paris Savages by Katherine Johnson  READ MORE

Quantum by Patricia Cornwell   READ MORE
Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson  READ MORE
Just an Ordinary Family by Fiona Lowe   READ MORE
Podcast: Diane Armstrong, Author of The Collaborator, Discusses the Inspiration behind her Novel, and her Fascinating Life. 

The Irish Story

Book Review: The Irish Civil War, Law, Execution and Atrocity  by Sean Enright

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That Moment in Time

Welsh records, Pennsylvania cemetery & burial records, turtles on the move, updates UK cemetery records, carting lane sewer lamp, Riverdancing baby, honour your Irish Ancestor, female convicts,
book reviews, city of Ottawa archives updates, Newsletters incl. Cairns Family History… shanty or lace curtain Irish?.. owls of Australia.. and so much more.. Feel free to share

Headlines of Old

Convicts : Tickets of Leave,  Certificates of Freedom, Permission to Marry -  Trove Tuesday 15th Oct 2019, Bigamous convict, definitions, lists,

As They Were

Clare Roots Society 21st NOV. 2019 -  'Emigration To Ellis Island From County Clare', Jane Halloran Ryan, unique stories and experiences of emigration,

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