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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Rosanna development: 1900s Arden Crescent farmhouse fight | Leader

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To register for the IAJGS Public Records Access Alert  go to: You will receive an email response that you have to reply to or the subscription will not be finalized. It is required to include your organization affiliation (genealogy organization, etc.)
Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

The IAJGS Records Access Alert reported last April about Reclaim the Records suing the New York City Department of Health for public copies of all 1949-1968 NYC death certificates under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).  The 1949-1968 time frame for these records was requested as any other part of New York State the records would be available. This is the first attempt for records, not indexes.  They are also suing to strike down the NYC Department of Health regulation with the exceeding long embargo dates for birth 125 years  and death records 75 years. 

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene response to the Reclaim the Recordslaw suit may be read at:

As reported on the Reclaim the Records website (See: first URL above) , New York City has responded-with a motion for dismissal.—they think the statute of limitations has passed. The difference is they are looking at when the regulation was first proposed not when it became effective. 
The Reclaim the Records response to the NYC Department of Health response to dismiss (above) may be read at:

The links and updates are on the Reclaim the Records Facebook page, but even if you are not a registered Facebook user you can access it at:

(US-AZ) Arizona Court Rules Arizona Residents Have Right to Internet Privacy
The Arizona Court of Appeals  said Arizonans have n (Arizona) constitutional right to online privacy to prevent police from accessing one’s identity or home address from a third-party online—law enforcement requires a warrant.  The court ruled that the  Arizona constitution provides residents the right to privacy that goes beyond the Fourth amendment protection from unreasonable searches.

Presiding Judge Eppich wrote, "The third-party doctrine allows the government a peek at this information in a way that is the 21st-century equivalent of a trip through a home to see what books and magazines the residents read, who they correspond with or call, and who they transact with and the nature of those transactions… We doubt the framers of our state constitution intended the government to have such power to snoop in our private affairs without obtaining a search warrant."

Police and government agencies cannot obtain information about individuals  to Internet providers, which includes who they are and their home address– the gateway to finding out exactly who is posting material – without a search warrant. And that requires a showing of some criminal activity.

The Arizona ruling is a first time in the state as federal courts have consistently ruled that once people furnish that information to a third party, which in this case the company that provides Internet service, they have given up any expectation of privacy. And that means the Fourth Amendment protections of the U.S. Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure no longer apply and the government no longer needs a warrant. However, the court majority said the Arizona Constitution makes the federal court rulings in applicable.  The court also said the law will need to resolve this tension in such a way that everyone has the same expectation of privacy online.

Despite the court’s ruling they upheld the convictions of the appellant.



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Masonic Lodge Museum, World's Shortest War, Kent burials, holocaust records FREE, convict women, robotic suit aids walking, 90 yr old graduate, reanimating dead brains, Victoria Cross returns to Ireland, over $10,000 for Irish Whiskey, oldest known photo of famine survivor, DNA & life insurance, Karrakatta Catastrophe, more Irish graves added, murder in the Hawkesbury, hunt for Amelia Earhart’s plane, Paris Catacombs solved cemetery crisis, cousin chart, bread on trees, Apollo insurance covers, Petty’s Down Survey of Ireland, flood damages records, Taum babies & DNA, competitions to enter, National Family History Month-Australia, FREE podcasts, and a lot more. Please share..

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ADDITIONS TO IGP ARCHIVES IN JULY, Cavan, Dublin, Longford, Mayo, Roscommon, Tipperary, varied records incl. memorials, graveyards, BDMs, thanks to Christina Hunt and all the volunteers…

famous Irish people born 1969, adverts, news clips..

New records for Co Wexford- New Ross Roman Catholic Parish, baptisms 1790-1902, marriages 1765-1906,



TROVE TUESDAY… Lost Ancestors,  from various countries, missing in Australia and New Zealand, unclaimed money, grieving & worried family and friends,1895-1914…thousands of names, 


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