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Family Tree Maker Finally Gets a Free Update: Here's How to Find It | Family History Daily

South Brisbane Cemetery:  Articles, including...

Australia’s Oldest Surviving European Cemetery (1790)

Irish actors and actresses Is your favourite here?

Irish Historic Town Atlases released online, free, for Early Modern, Gaelic and Plantation towns Claire Santry

State Archives NSW Online Indexes

State Library NSW Browse e resources

New content has been added to the 'What's new? page at John Grenham's Irish Ancestors site.

* Atlantic Magazine has an interesting article about a Christian monk who travels from the Balkans to the Middle East to save Christian and Islamic manuscripts that are threatened by war, weather, theft and ISIS. Father Columbia Stewart trained teams to photograph the ancient books with the help of Minnesota –based  Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (HMML), a non-profit he directs. Thus far over 140,000 complete manuscripts which comprise more than 50 million handwritten pages have been photographed. Recently HMML has expanded to India where it photographed 10,000 palm-leaf manuscripts. HMML has also worked in middle eastern countries photographing manuscripts ranging from Coptic to Maronite and Greek to Latin. It is currently digitizing more than 300,000 Islamic manuscripts.

To read the magazine article see:

To visit HMML's website see:

To view the manuscripts one has to sign an agreement that you will not copy or redistribute the images. See:

Thank you to Rose Felman, Israel Genealogical Research Association for sharing the Atlantic Magazine article with us.

* Will they survive?

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. The Isle of Man was a base for alien civilian internment camps in both the First World War (1914–18) and the Second World War (1939–45). During World War I the British government interned male citizens of the Central Powers, principally Germany, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Turkey. They were held mainly in internment camps at Knockaloe, close to Peel, and a smaller one near Douglas.

During World War II the Isle of Man was used as the primary site for the internment of civilian enemy aliens, both male and female. The camps were predominantly in commandeered hotels and boarding houses in seaside towns on the island. Around the camp.

Douglas, is the capitol of the Isle of Man and its largest town with a population of about 28,000 (2011) according to Wikipedia.  The Douglas Library states it is lacking in storage space and may dispose of its archive of papers dating from the 1860's to 2000s. The library states the papers are rarely viewed, and they  only receive a few requests per year to view them. A decision on what to do with the papers is expected in April.  

Perhaps if more people knew about this historic treasure, they would be requested more frequently.

Thank you to Janice Sellers for informing us about the article.


* need patience, but could be worthwhile
HCCDA is a sub-archive of the Australian Data Archive (ADA).
Please use the new URL from now on:

HCCDA Documents: New South Wales

Here is a list of the documents currently held in the HCCDA and originally published in the colony of New South Wales. Click on a document name to start working with that document.


* State Library of Qld

Could you discover a unique Queensland story?
Applications close 5pm Wednesday 29 March 
for SLQ’s 2017 research fellowships, offered as part of the Queensland Memory Awards. The seven fellowship opportunities are open to all, from researchers and academics, to artists, writers, musicians and more.


The National Archives UK

Search and download our online army and militia records*

British Royal Navy Allotment Declarations 1795-1852 (ADM 27)

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 Choice Cuts at the Boucherie D'Arts  Urunga, NSW.. innovative

IrishGenealogyNews: The Sligo Journal joins British Newspaper Archive


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