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Walter Withers

*  Deceased Online  has released a new series of records covering the Camberwell cemeteries in the London borough of Southwark. The council area covered by the records includes Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, Walworth, Peckham, Camberwell, Nunhead, and Dulwich.

*ANCESTRY Check what records are available for FREE over the Labor Day weekend with include U.S. Wills and Probate collections...

 * NATIONAL ARCHIVES AUSTRALIA  Keep up with the latest releases by subscribing to Your Story, Our History at

Toys on this poster represent some of the subjects of the vast collection of Australian Government records.

These are just a couple..

SCOTLAND'S PEOPLE     Search the Deaths of Seamen Records A complete record of the deaths of Scottish seafarers from late Victorian times until 1974 are now available to search. on Scotland's People. The 14,000 new records are monthly returns of the Deaths of Seamen, which lists Scots along with other crew members of all nationalities who were serving on British registered vessels between 1909-1974.

* GEELONG AND DISTRICT Susie Zada asks for help in identifying some photos...

What did you do in the war, Grandma?

Joshua Taylor explains ancestral occupations

Smoke and Steam: A railroad family

How to start your family tree ... questions you should ask...


WWII Prisoners of War Records published online for the 1st time on 70th Anniversary

Constructing the “Death Railway”: The real story behind the Bridge Over the River Kwai, in Findmypast’s POW records

             WATCH: Findmypast’s exclusive Prisoners of War video, featuring 103-year-old former POW, Dr Bill Frankland MBE ›


 I am delighted to be included on this list of genealogists, many of whom I know and admire, who have been nominated for the inclusion in Rock Star Genealogists... full details are here..

Voting starts on Monday 7th... you can still add your own nominations till noon Sunday 6th...

 If you are so inclined, I would appreciate your vote... Thank you for your support.

 To all who are celebrating this weekend and to all who remember fondly.
Miss you, Dad...

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