Thursday, November 20, 2014



The iconic Waverley Cemetery, Sydney, NSW
 The first interment took place here in 1877..
there are over 83,000 interments.. over 50,000 monuments..
the site covers approximately 40 acres...
it is one of the most beautiful sites in Sydney..
It is known for many things, 
including the beautiful entrance gates...

and the amazing statues, 
the like of which are rarely created today.

"Many of you might recognise the top photo as Waverley Cemetery.. you can see that parts of the cemetery are at risk as the dumped fill is slowly sinking into the sea.  There is a solution offered though, which should not only stop the problem, but enhance the cemetery... have a look here...

and look for the video. It is wonderful. 
If inclined, please sign the petition to Waverley Council which offers suggestions and solutions re funding. Please share, we can't see this incredible historic and beautiful cemetery fall into disrepair."

I first came across this via video by David Kelly.. you can see it here...


I'll let David explain the need for immediate action... the website is

and there is also a Facebook Group

This is a suggestion offered to prevent any further subsidence

Please act now, by going to the website above or the Facebook page or leaving a comment below the video on You Tube and/or signing the PETITION to show the Waverley Council that this historic and beautiful cemetery must be preserved so that future generations can appreciate the history and pay respect to their ancestors.

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