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Every now and then a story about a particular person just takes your breath away.. today, I felt that way, through tears, as I read of the story of this amazing man. 

 You may have heard of him, but I had somehow missed that... This remarkable man put his own life at risk by helping 669 children to escape Nazi Germany. Their 'crime' was to be born Jewish. Nicholas Winton, then a young stockbroker, who was of both German and Jewish origin, was already living in England with his family, when he read the signs, of what was about to become, in a troubled Europe. In 1938 he returned to Prague and began contacting parents of Jewish children and offering them safe passage for the children to the only country that would accept them at that time...England. Word soon spread and so many parents begged that he take their children to safety. He kept complete files and photographs of all, amounting to 669 children in all who were accepted into English homes. 

 Sadly, there could have been another 250 but the last train was to leave on September 1, 1938... the day that war was declared by Germany when they invaded Poland. Those children never made it. 

Nicholas Winton, now Sir Nicholas, kept his deeds to himself, though he did keep tabs on many of the children. Not even his wife knew what he had done till she was cleaning out their attic one day and came across a suitcase full of lists, photos, letters from parents and other documents... and then the secret was out...

I will leave you to discover the rest of the story for yourselves as you browse through the following...

This is more on his story as told by his daughter...

I am happy to say that this remarkable man has this year celebrated his 105th birthday...

There are so many articles available... these will take you to just a few...

God Bless you, Sir Nicholas Winton.


  1. Thanks for following this up Chris..."he is truly such a hero. there must be a special place in heaven for a man like this. So very sad about that last train load. How courageous were those parents! an ultimate act of love.

  2. Their love truly knew no bounds. I stand in awe of their faith in this man and his determination and courage in taking them to freedom. Not to be forgotten are the families who took in these unknown many brave and caring souls.

  3. A wonderful and heart warming story indeed. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Catherine... you can't help but admire this selfless man.


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