Thursday, April 24, 2014

ANZAC DAY...2014

As children we proudly marched on ANZAC DAY, bearing wreaths if we were among the lucky few chosen to do such an important task. It was a very special day for many of us, we knew our family stories about who had fought in the various wars... and we knew that some of the men and women of the small town in which I grew up had died in those wars. 

Their names were on the War Memorial for all to see. I was always
 saddened to see several of the same names, all from the same families.

photographs by John and Barb Piggott

When I lived in Urunga, NSW, this memorial had no paved surroundings and had a different fence.
It is in the bottom corner of the Urunga Public School grounds, so was very familiar to us schoolchildren. The link below gives details of the memorial as well as the names of those who fought and died.

 However, many children today know little of the history of ANZAC, understandable, as we are approaching the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in 1915.

Though the stories are still taught in schools, you might find the following small selection of books very helpful to foster the understanding of the day's importance for the younger ones.

My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day, by Catriona Hoy (picture book)

Anzac Cottage: The House That Was Built in a Day, by Valerie Everett (picture book)

In Flanders Fields, by Norman Jorgensen (picture book)

Memorial, by Gary Crew (picture book)

Simpson and Duffy (Mary Small's website), by Mary Small (picture book, true story)

Caesar the Anzac Dog, by Patricia Stroud (true story)

Harry and the Anzac Poppy, by John Lockyer (learning from reading soldier's letters)

Scarecrow Army: The ANZACS at Gallipoli, by Leon Davidson (history for young adults)

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys, by Jackie French (novel for young adults)

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