Saturday, May 12, 2012

Merry Month of May Music Meme

I'm always in awe of how much effort my friend and fellow blogger, Cassmob (Pauleen) puts into her blogs. At this stage, I have chosen a different path and haven't put a whole lot about my family research online. I do admire all those who have, as I've learnt so much from all of you that I follow. I don't usually respond to memes, as other commitments take so much of my time, but this one got to me... I was reading Cassmob's responses and laughing, agreeing, pulling faces so much, and thoroughly enjoying it all, so thought, why not... so here goes...

Please feel free to create your own list and let me know when you post.. time for a bit of simple fun.


1. Song(s) Music from your childhood: Dad playing guitar, or mouth organ, or accordion or ukelele or... Mum singing Danny Boy, Galway Bay, She Was Only Seven, A Letter Edged in Black, You are My Sunshine, Lipstick On Your Collar among many others, and my then favourites Tammy and Que Sera Sera... all of which she taught me, most of which I remember.

2. Song(s)/Musos from your teenage years: Elvis, Conway Twitty, Beach Boys, Judy Stone, Col Joye, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw (ok, I love Big Band music), Little Pattie, Peter, Paul and Mary, Delltones... and many more...

3. First live concert you attended: Col Joye and the Joye Boys with Judy Stone

4. Songs your parents sang along to: I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen; Old Man River, Danny Boy…(copied from Pauleen) but added were many Burl Ives songs, The Pub With No Beer, Connie Francis songs... and all above in 1. Mum sang, Dad never did...

5. Song(s)/Music your grandparents sang/played: I never heard my paternal grandparents sing or play music. It was only when I was an adult, that my Dad told me they both had great voices. My grandfather died when I was 5, so another thing I felt cheated of. My maternal grandfather only 'sang' of sorts if he was a 'bit too happy'. I never knew my maternal grandmother, as she died when my Mum was 11. I have heard that she had a beautiful voice.

6. Did your family have sing-a-longs at home or a neighbours: My Aunt and Uncle had a pianola and we enjoyed gathering around that at times. When Dad would play one of his instruments, we would all sing along. We also had lots of visitors to the home who played instruments, mainly guitars, so they were always fun times. One of my Uncles had an Edison gramophone, the type with cylinders, and a horn.. you wound it up to play. Later, he had heavy 78s... I loved hearing that and was totally intrigued.

7. Did you have a musical instrument at home: Yes, lots, but all Dad's. We didn't have a piano, but I practised on my Aunt's pianola... should have practised more, as I only learnt for a year.

8. What instruments do you play (if any): I'm a dab hand at the pianola and the radio...

9. What instruments do you wish you could play: Guitar, drums and piano.. and even more unlikely, saxophone

10. Do you/did you play in a band or orchestra: Does playing the tambourine in a church concert count?

11. Do you/did you sing in a choir: Yes, in high school, but not for long. I switched to extra art classes instead, much better option.

12. Music you fell in love to/with or were married to: I walked up the aisle to Hawaiian Wedding Song and danced the Bridal Waltz to Lara's Theme (Somewhere My Love)

13. Romantic music memories: Twelfth of Never, by Johnny Mathis... we dated for quite a while and that became our theme song if anyone asked when we were getting married.

14. Favourite music genre(s): Big Band, Irish, some Greek, Jazz, pop, instrumentals of many genres, classical, middle of the road.. just about all music...

15. Favourite classical music song(s)/album: Strauss, Vivaldi, Beethoven

16. Favourite opera/light opera song(s)/album: No real favourite, depends what I'm in the mood for, or more likely, what my husband is playing.

17. Favourite musical song(s)/album: No hesitation, Glenn Miller's In the Mood, from The Glenn Miller Story... not totally a musical...Though I think I could make that the answer for a few questions..

18. Favourite pop song(s)/album: Kate Ceberano's Nine Lime Avenue, Guy Sebastian's Angels Brought Me Here, Little River Band's Love is a Bridge, Travellin' Wilburys, Paul McCartney's Mull of Kintyre, George Harrison's Cloud Nine.

19. Favourite world/ethnic song(s)/album: Never on a Sunday, Yalo Yalo (both Greek versions), Celtic Thunder's Home From the Sea from the great album Heritage

20. Favourite jazz song(s)/album: most jazz, though some of the stranger improvisations aren't quite my style... love scat. I love saxophones, anything by James Morrison, some of Grace Knight, Kate Ceberano...

21. Favourite country or folk song(s)/album: like some, no particular favourites...

22. Favourite show/movie musical: My Fair Lady, Camelot, Fiddler On The Roof, Annie, Tap Dogs, Johnny Mathis, Herb Alpert (remember him?), but overall favourite ... Harry Belafonte... I was 12 and totally wrapped in his music and him.. as 12 year olds can be...

23. Favourite sounds tracks: any from 22.

24. What music do you like to dance to : Strauss, Jive, Big Band, swing, lots of different types, but rarely dance now...and of course, can't forget Greek music...

25. What dances did you do as a teenager: Everything from ballroom to jive, Latin to folk, whatever I could, whenever I could. We went to lots of balls and dances at Cloudland... so it was varied.

26. Do you use music for caller ID on your mobile: No, the normal ring is enough.

27. What songs do you use for caller ID: see above...

28. What songs do your children like or listen to: With a husband who is forever playing music, whatever is playing... I had better add that my son is a DJ, and radio announcer and music mad... don't know where he gets it really, but his tastes are eclectic, though his passion is rap, hip hop, and jazz... my daughter loves most music, minus what her brother likes re hip hop.

29. Favourite live music concerts as an adult: Tex Beneke's Big Band Tribute (notice a slight obsession here?)

30. Silly music memories from your family: Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour ... Purple People Eater, How Much is That Doggie in the Window... followed by a chorus of Woof, Woof... and my brother and I used to chant "Coffs Harbour Houses" over and over again the moment we saw them come into view. We didn't get out much... it used to drive our parents mad. I still do it to annoy my family...

31. Silliest song you can think of: Yabba Dabba Honeymoon

32. Pet hate in music/singing: " Carmen", and to repeat from Cassmob...Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald, also Frank Sinatra... sorry to those who like him. I'd much prefer Tony Bennett.

33. A song that captures family history for you: Galway Bay, Bound For South Australia,

34. If you could only play 5 albums (assume no iPods or mp3) for the rest of your life, what would they be: Glenn Miller "In The Mood", Chris Rea's New Light Through Old Windows, Artie Shaw, Little River Band's Monsoon, Travellin' Wilburys

35. Favourite musicians: go ahead and list as many as you like: Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, James Morrison, Ian Moss, George Harrison, Chris Rea, Kate Ceberano, Guy Sebastian, Miss Brown, Neil Diamond, Tony Bennett, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Women, Harry Belafonte, Johnny Mathis, Eric Clapton , Billy Joel.... and so many more...

Whew...are we still friends, Pauleen?


  1. How could I have forgottenJudy Stone, The Delltones and Hames Morrison who I try to see live at least once a year.

    Thanks for a fab post that dredged up more memories for me

  2. Glad you revelled in forgotten memories, Jill... as soon as I finished, I remembered more, but decided enough was enough... I'd love to hear what others remember...I enjoyed your take on this meme also.

  3. Thanks for joining in reminded me of quite a few I'd forgotten too...the Delltones, Connie Francise, Herb Alpert (we had lots of his). Some I confess I don't know at all....I can see the DJ will have to have some educating to do in SE Qld. But lots of overlaps too. Loved Lara's Theme and chuckled over the family outings memories. How lucky you were to have a musician in the house. Yep, still friends!

  4. I agree, with Jill after reading this along with the the other posts; How could I have forgotten about Irish Music - another of dad's (and my own) favourites, especially Galway Bay (Place where my GGG grandparents emigrated from from), and especially "From Clare to here" - home to another GGG Grandparent, that always had Dad start on the same story of where his GG Grandmother came from, with just a small tear in his eye! and "Old man river"... so many memories....

    1. Thanks for your comments, Linda. I don't know from "Clare to here"... must look that up. My grandmother came from Ennis, so it's a wonder Mum didn't hear it. Music plays such a big part in our lives... it's great to share the memories.

  5. I didn't comment on Cloudland..for me it was more about exams than dances but I did go to a couple of balls and dances there, though not with he-who-doesn't-dance (but does buy flowers!)

  6. Flowers last longer than dances...:-) I loved Cloudland... went to so many functions there, even made my debut... I can feel another post coming on... eventually! I also did exams there... and for some reason, found it hard to concentrate... I kept 'hearing' music.

  7. Thanks for a wonderful "trip down memory lane" Linda. So many songs/performers had slipped my mind... Danny Boy, Galway Bay, Que Sera Sera, Pub With No Beer, and yep remember "Herb Alpert". Oh yes!!!... my brothers, and I, loved singing "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" and doing the "woofs" too :-)... "You Are My Sunshine" is special to me and have dedicated it to my lovely daughter. Beautiful memories. Thanks again...

  8. oopsie.. so sorry for messing up your name, Chris and apolgies to you too Linda (red faced me) ...

    1. That's ok, Catherine, easy enough done. No apology needed. I'm glad you enjoyed wandering down memory lane...

    2. Thanks for sharing such a blog which reminded me one of my favorite Irish band which didn't able to listen for long time due to work load.All forgotten memories get lightened up.Really by heart I feel you people have did awesome work.

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed this post... music really unites us all, doesn't it.


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