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Here is your chance to share your ideas... 

we all talk about what we would like to see, 

how we could be better provided for, 

what are the essential features we would like to have to make our visits to Ireland better for us,
in the way of research, and anything else we think of. 

Now you are being asked what you would like to see happen.

 To put forward your ideas, would you either please post comments below or contact me directly via the email address in my About Me column.

 Think about it, but not too long... now is your chance to have your say. We can make a difference, but only if we put forward our ideas.



Fáilte Ireland has been asked by Minister Varadkar to carry out a scoping study into the establishment of a Diaspora Centre in Ireland. As a first step in this process, a small group has been set up to guide the study.

The group, which is chaired by John Bowman, has been tasked with developing terms of reference for the study which is due to get underway in early May. The group will also be involved in guiding the implementation of the scoping study.
Speaking about the establishment of the group, and the importance of the project itself, Aidan Pender, Director of Strategic Development, Fáilte Ireland said –

"It is believed that a diaspora of approximately 71m Irish people exists across the globe and finding an appropriate way to connect with these people would clearly bring significant benefits for Irish tourism. 
"Finding the right way to make that connection is crucial. The establishment of a Diaspora Centre, its design, function, form and fit-out will be critical and it is important to get this right. It is important also that we keep in mind the balance between the physical world and the virtual world in doing this. A properly designed on-line presence can be as important –perhaps more important – than an exclusive focus on bricks and mortar.  The important thing is to develop a Diaspora facility that is well designed, well branded, appealing, and readily accessible.
"Branding is particularly important because it will allow other parts of the country to present their unique diaspora stories under the national brand, and so avoid a sense that Ireland's diaspora story is told in one location only. In this way, the Diaspora Centre could serve as a hub from which visitors will travel around the country to follow their own unique family's journey".


  1. I think there should be an element of recording stories, either written or as audio or video, both by the locals in Ireland and the Diaspora. For those stories people have handed down or know in person, and for those of us who have learned things the hard way through research and piecing together the clues told to us.

    Some of my stories go full circle, in more ways than one. It's too late (11 PM) to give examples here, so will just say I have lots of other ideas and will just offer one up here.

    Many of us with Clare Co ancestors have been blessed with the Clare County Library, website / resources. It would be a great model to develop resources for all the other counties, perhaps at the library level, or the new Center. More brewing...

  2. I can't wait for the 'brewing' to be finished.. great ideas are always welcome. Feel free to contact me directly and I will pass on all your comments.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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