Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of the best kept secrets with regards to all those hard to find things like copies of government gazettes, hansard, out of print books, journals, the copies of the very early publication, The Queenslander... so many hidden treasures, is the site, Text Queensland.

Make yourself a cuppa, set aside an hour, or maybe more, get comfortable and indulge yourself. Be sure to let me know what treasures you find... as for me, I'm heading off to read more of The Queenslander, which is actually accessed through Trove, another gem.

Just a couple of examples...

Queensland Government Gazette

Annual listing of Queensland government business, including jobs, tenders, and land transactions. These communications covered a range of issues including proclamations, official appointments (from teachers to railway employees), licences, legal notices, statistics, and bankruptcy notices, among others.Date range: 1859-1900.

Queensland Hansard

Hansard (Queensland Parliamentary Debates)

Hansard is the official record of the debates and proceedings of the Queensland Parliament's Legislative Assembly. Queensland's upper house, the Legislative Council, was abolished in 1922. This website link gives access to Hansard, a written record of speeches and statements to parliament, from 1980. It is keyword searchable by name and topic, and can be read sequentially or accessed by date. The website is maintained by the Queensland Parliament.
As part of the Text Queensland project, the Centre for the Government of Queensland at the University of Queensland financed the digitisation of Hansard from 1981-90.
Date range: 1860-63, 1981-today

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  1. I too was thrilled when Text Qld was launched. Apart from the great aspects you've mentioned I was particularly taken with the availability of some theses that I hadn't had time to read at The Uni of Qld even though I knew they were there. Worth a look at those too.


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