Friday, June 24, 2022


Panning by S.T. Gill


A new post about Irish names and Myles na Gopaleen

Bobbie Edes

Wanderlust Twins have returned.... Thiersee, Austria   

JSTOR Daily 

Atlas Obscura

Outback Family History



Always Interesting

This is just a selection of the authors great blogs.. why not explore others they have on their sites also. Feel free to comment, we all like to know if you like what we do..

Me And The Munk allenrizzi
The man holes The Legal Genealogist
#OTD in Irish History | 20 June:      Stair na hÉireann

Theresa Smith

Better Reading

Penguin Books 

Deception Lesley Pearse 

and from my blogs...

That Moment in Time

FRIDAY FOSSICKING 17th Jun 2022, help needed for Trove, Brisbane's early photos, country city accepts Ukrainians, sea pork, cannibal ants, Royal scandal, Elgin marbles, book reviews, great blogs .. many helpful for family history, nuclear bunker, cemeteries, history filled bars, skeletal remains under historic Irish pub … a bumper edition…        Feel free to share, the title is the link…

Headlines of Old

Trove Tuesday 21st June 2022, ABSCONDED CONVICTS

great descriptions and lots of details, also lists of runaways apprehended….

EXTRA: list of all previous Absconded Convicts posts… I was contacted recently and asked why I didn't do more posts re Absconded Convicts as the reader said that he had checked the 

" few " I had done and there was no mention of his convict ancestor.

For the record.. this post will be the 20th blog I have compiled including Absconded Convicts.

Stay safe and well.
This will pass.

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