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Merry Month of May Movie Meme

The way it works is this:
  • Copy the questions I've listed here and add your responses - short or long as you please.
  • The image is from Pixabay and free to use so share away. 
  • Link back to your post in the comments.

Guest blogger is HRH.

Here are the questions

1. What’s the earliest movie you can remember:
The Breaking Point with John Garfield  at the Savoy Clayfield  1950

2.  Where did you go to the movies (place or type of venue):

The first theatre was the Sun a suburban theatre in Cairns  where I did my prep 1 and 2 in 1949, but I can’t remember any movie I saw there, but I can remember that I ate my last chocolate there ….an OK crunchy bar complete with cockroach!!!…..probably why I can’t remember the movies!

3. Did you buy movie programs:

Yes,  for the big films late 1959 to mid 1960’s..
Ben Hur,  South Pacific first experience with 70mm at the St James Albert St Brisbane, plus lots of others

4. Did you take in food and drink (and what did you like):

Bought peanuts and a drink at the theatre. Mum would give me 2 shillings to go to the matinees. 1penny each way in the tram,9 pence admission, 6 pence for a packet of ETA salted peanuts and a soft drink for 7d.
5.  Movies of your teenage years:

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Regent cinemascope & 4 track) 
South Pacific 70mm St James,
The Blob Wintergarden,
Reach for the Sky - Odeon Queen St., 
Psycho Wintergarden, plus 100’s of others. 
Used to see 1 to 2 films per week minimum

6. Do you remember how old you were when you went unsupervised:

13 with Gil Walcher to the Tivoli Albert St opposite City Hall. We saw The Creature Walks Among Us plus the first release feature The Purple Scarf, with Tony Curtis.

7. Mischief you got up to in the movies:

Nil Perfectly behaved at all times. My mates were the noisy ones….dropping bottles on the cement floor and they would roll down to the front, plus popping the potato chip bags…..very embarrassing!

8. Did you watch movies at home: this day

9. What was your favourite movie to watch at home:

The one of the moment is The Heart of the Sea in 3D

10. Do you prefer to watch movies at home or at the cinema:

I have only been to the cinema twice in the last 3 years, but watch a movie at home on my cinema virtually everyday.

11. Does your family have a special movie memory:

The Glen Miller Story at the Annerley Theatre 

12. Movies you fell in love to/with:


13. Favourite romantic movie theme music:

Laurence of Arabia  Odeon

14. Favourite musical movie:

South Pacific

15. Which movies made you want to dance/sing:

Most Musicals

16. Do you watch re-runs or DVDs of old movies:

All of the time

17. Do your children/family enjoy the same movies:

Some of them

18. What’s your favourite movie genre now:

Arthouse -  to movies that suit the oldies

19. Did you read the book before or after the movie:

Very rarely read any book of a movie 
Battle Cry after the movie 

20. Which did you enjoy more, the book or the movie:

The book by Leon Uris

21. What’s the silliest movie you’ve seen (silly funny or silly annoying):

The Great Race  - Well filmed but bl**** stupid !

22. Pet hate in movies:

None really, except for some spy movies and some of these movies made for ferrels.

23. A movie that captures family history for you:

I like family sagas e.g. “Legends of the Fall” , “The Notebook” etc.

24. If you could only play 5 movies for the rest of your life, what would they be:

South Pacific, 12 O’clock High, The Al Jolson Story, Psycho, Laurence of Arabia, 
Mrs. Henderson Presents

25. Favourite movie stars (go ahead and list as many as you like)

From John Garfield, Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, Rachel McAdams, John Wayne, Kenneth Moore, Leonardo DeCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Kate Winslet…. plus many others.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere HRH :) Thanks for joining in. That cockroach surprise must have been a good one...perhaps a weight-loss strategy for the rest of us. Was also amused by the noisy chip packets. While I remember some of the movies you've mentioned, mostly it's only snippets. Mr Cassmob, on the other hand, remembers them much better. I can foresee long conversations.

  2. That should keep them happy for ages...

  3. HRH has a different obsession from you, Chris. My Dad loved The Jolson story too.I watched it many times as a child.

  4. Thank you, Jill. It's not that I don't like movies, but sitting without doing anything else for that time, is very hard for me. Not so bad if I'm home... :-) The Al Jolson story has been watched many times here also, though for me, it is just listening, while elsewhere ..


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