Saturday, March 8, 2014


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 Funnily enough, the first woman in my life was my Mother
at the very early stages of my life, I knew no other

She was my everything, and as I grew that didn't alter
in my eyes, she could not falter.
We laughed, we cried, we yelled out loud
my much loved mother stood out in a crowd.. 
she was always ready to lend a helping hand..
to explain all things I didn't understand.
She picked me up when I fell down
she could tease a smile from the saddest frown..
a hug, a kiss and the world was fine
I am so blessed that she was mine…
© crissouli Mar 2014

(c) crissouli 

Simplistic verse, for a very complicated woman.. Mum didn't have an easy life. She was just eleven when her much loved mother Bridget Theresa (Dillon) succumbed to the scourge of that time, tuberculosis… a disease rarely seen these days in most countries, but in 1942, there was little that could be done to ease the dreadful pain and save the sweet Irish lass, aged just 41, who was to leave her husband, son and three daughters far too early. Mum and her sisters were left in the convent to make their own way in the world, and that they did. My Mum also left us far too early, at just 51.. I will love and miss her always. 

(c) crissouli

So many wonderful women have been part of my life, my much loved daughter, my wonderful granddaughter, my aunts, my numerous female cousins, friends all over the world, teachers.. particularly Patty (Bruce) Keating, and Miss English.. I won't even try to name them all for fear of missing someone…  but I am ever grateful for the inspirational women in my life, those who have passed included…

So, whatever you do this International Women's Day, spare a thought for all those who have entered and influenced your life, for all who have paved the way to make the world a better place for women and all who continue to do so...

Helen Reddy "I am Woman"


  1. Lovely, Chris. And so true - this is a good day to remember all those positive influences.

  2. Thank you, it certainly is, Rebel Hand...we are among the lucky ones, who have been surrounded by strong and inspirational women, and we still are...

  3. A really lovely post Chris, and a heartfelt way to celebrate Iwd and the women who have influenced your life! as you have influenced so many others.

    1. Thank you, Pauleen, glad you liked it. I have been blessed to have known, and know, so many who are everyday heros, women who not only face life head on, but ensure they do it humbly, with determination, dignity and great empathy for all around them. They may never make headlines, receive no fame, but quietly and determinedly make a difference where it counts.


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