Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Till just recently, I had never heard of the LIEBSTER AWARD....

In German, it means "beloved" or "dearest" I'm told, so it seems I've just been nominated for a Beloved Award.

Nominees are required to state eleven facts about themselves, answer the questions provided below, nominate up to eleven people and provide them with eleven questions to answer. 

Not quite as easy as it sounds...

Eleven random facts about me....

1. My biggest excitement in primary school was being allowed to choose some books for our first ever real school library. I had exhausted all the books that my headmaster could lend me from his library, also those from the School of Arts, so this was a dream come true.

2. I had my first poetry published when I was 10, in the long defunct Chuckler's Weekly, and I earned 10/6!

3. I loved to climb trees.

4. My favourite tune is "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller.

5. I learnt to cook very young and still love it. All my family could cook and my grandmother would say that the only people who should learn to cook are those who like to eat.

6. My childhood hero was my paternal grandfather, who died when I was five. I miss him deeply still.

7. I still have some of my childhood toys, a well worn pink rabbit, a 'walking' doll, and a china tea set, as well as a number of books.

8. I have had a number of varied careers, from shop assistant to fashion compere, from book publisher representative to radio, twice,  from cosmetician to party plan, spare parts clerk to working with a dress pattern company, from marketing/PR to sales promotions... to name just a few... not necessarily in that order. ;-)

9. Love people, and love spending time with family and friends.

10. I'm a collector of sewing and kitchen paraphernalia, family mementos and books... plus.

11. My passions are writing, reading, photography, cooking, craft, embroidery ... too many to list here.

Questions: to pass on to your nominees...
What are your top three favorite books? I would hate to pick three... I would rather pick just three of my favourite authors, that's hard enough: 
Lisa See ( The Flower Net is one) ; Bryce Courtney ( The Power of One, April Fool The Potato Factory, Tandia, etc....) ; Ruth Park (Harp in the South, Poor Man's Orange, etc. ... )
If you could live in any other era, when would you choose? I think I live in the best of eras, but if I had to choose, possibly the '40s, even if just for the music...
What is your favorite Disney film? Mary Poppins
Do you prefer sweet things, or savory?  either...
What fictional character do you feel that you relate most with? Mary Poppins .. what fun that would be.
Who would you say has been the most influential or inspirational person in your life so far? My mother, who had such a difficult childhood, losing her own mother when she was just eleven and always battling health problems, but without complaint. She made the most of whatever the situation and gave me a love of people, imagination and the ability to always find the silver lining.
What is the one thing that you like most about yourself? I like to help others.
If your life was being made into a film, who would you choose to play yourself?  I wouldn't... can't imagine that ever happening.
And what three songs would you include in the soundtrack? Think I'll have to pass on that one... maybe Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World
What are your thoughts on life after death? I certainly hope there is, for I can't see me ever achieving all I would like to in just this life.
If you were a superhero, what would your power be? To be able to ensure that all have everything they need, not necessarily everything they want.
I nominate the following bloggers: 
This is where I should select some fellow bloggers, but as I have just nominated quite a number for various awards a little while back, I think I will leave that for a little while. Watch this space...

What I would like to do is to thank Michelle from heritagescrapbook who nominated me. Michelle is a relatively new blogger, but has been creating her beautiful scrapbook papers for some time. They are a perfect addition to family history books as well as many other uses, for a special gift, as backgrounds to your own  scrapbooking, whatever you wish. To keep the costs down, you can order digital copies which you can then take to any of the large stationery/printing chains and have them printed at a very reasonable cost.

For just a little extra, you can have them designed by Michelle to include the details, photos, etc. of your loved ones with appropriate themes. That makes it all so easy... 

If you love beautiful heritage prints, be sure to wander through 
heritagescrapbook  and see just what can be done.


  1. Congratulations Chris!!! It's a lovely award and well deserved.
    I loved reading about you. Some I knew already e.g. love of books, helping people, climbing trees. Love your grandmother's saying re: food and cooking :-) and your mum sounds a truly wonderful person. Wowee... 10/6 for a poem, written at age 10. That's quite a nice sum, indeed!... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Catherine... My grandmother's sayings live on...Funny how we repeat them as we get older, though we mostly groaned when we heard them as a child. I hear my daughter quoting me to her children and quietly smile.

    Mum was a special lady as most Mums are...she had such a love of people, an open and generous heart and a 'do what you can' philosophy. She never worried about not being able to help everyone, though she sure did try, but rather she did all she could, whenever she could...

    As for the poem, I was so sure that my future was to be a writer, at that age... never did make a paid career out of it, but have never stopped writing either... My comments in About Me on the side column, say it all...

  3. Congratulations Chris! If anyone deserved every blogging award going it would be you :-) You share so generously and engage with everyone. Your mum's legacy is there for all of us to see and to learn from. Writing is built into your being and we all benefit from reading your poems and stories! I feel it's a privilege to read your stories and to know you. It's been a pleasure to learn a little more about you from your responses. Thank you for all you do and for your friendship to so many of us.

    1. Thank you, Pauleen... i have been blessed to have been surrounded by a wonderful gathering of family and friends... as I still am. We are all the summation of our experiences and connections, and I hope I can honour those who who have passed by sharing their stories.
      Thank you for your support and friendship.


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