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Keukenhof – know as the Garden of Europe – is the one of the
best places to view the abundance of spring flowers in the South Holland
region of the Netherlands
Amsterdam's flower market – the Bloemenmarkt – reflects the
country's passion for cut flowers and plants
Around seven million bulbs are planted each year in the park at
Keukenhof, in an area of 32 hectares
The Bloemenmarkt - set on the capital's Singel canal and said to
be the world's only floating flower market - has a score of stalls where
you can buy all sorts of plants, flowers, bulbs and seeds
The mild climate of Holland , with its wet springs makes it an
ideal place for bulb cultivation
Tulips originated in the east and were brought to Holland from the
Ottoman Empire in the mid 1500s
In springtime, the lowland area by the North Sea is carpeted with
fields of gladioli, hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, crocuses.... And, of
course, tulips
Keukenhof - literally 'kitchen garden' - is part of the hunting
grounds of the ancient Teylingen estate
This year, the theme for the Keukenhof exhibition is Germany: Land
of Poets
and Philosophers
The patchwork quilt of colours in the Keukenhof park, just outside
Lisse in South Holland , is a veritable feast for the eyes
The bulbs of Keukenhof are re-planted each year according to the
current trends and in collaboration with a number of gardening magazines
Spring in Keukenhof is one of the main tourist attractions of the
The best way to appreciate the full glory of the Dutch spring is
to hire a bike and cycle one of the tourist routes among the bulb fields


  1. Yes please! The colours are vivid.

  2. Aren't they such a feast of colour, I wouldn't want to leave....

  3. I certainly would. It looks magnificent. We wanted to go there in 197y butnthe touristbpeople said "no, the tulips are too sad" was too late in the season...Cute!

  4. I love flowers in general, and always long to grow what I can't, even though I love the tropical/subtropical plants we can here. I still manage to grow freesias and sometimes jonquils and daffodils, but haven''t succeeded as yet with tulips. Years ago, when I had more patience, I had baskets of fuchsias, another favourite.. now I tend to grow lots of beautiful ... weeds! Then again, weeds are just plants growing in the wrong place... :-)

  5. Hi there, My wife, Jean, and I spent a couple of days at Keukenhof Gardens, near Lisse. We always knew that The Netherlands (Holland) was famous for its tulips. As gardeners, seeing the gardens at Keukenhof, just simply took our breath away! It was amazing. Without a doubt, Keukenhof Gardens is the world’s biggest outdoor gardens. For those who might like to see some pictures from our trip, they are at:

  6. hi,

    i am interested in the tulips field, is it near to Keukenhof Garden?
    How can i rent a bike there? I want to do the tulips field and also Keukenhof in one day, which will you advise for me to visit first?

    can the bike cycle into Kenkenhof garden? How much is the rental?

    me and my husband are going on the 1 May 2013.

  7. Hi Clara, if you read the comment above yours, you will see that the tulips are at Keukenhof Gardens. There is also a link there to an article written by a couple who have visited... there is a lot more detail on their site. I would Google for bicycle hire... I've not been there myself.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


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