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 I have taken the liberty of republishing this banner and and the video below to highlight what was a great beginning to to the Roadshow of RESEARCHING ABROAD.

 As a long time follower of Chris Paton, I didn't want to miss the opportunity of hearing Chris and perhaps meeting him, so as soon as Unlock The Past announced he was coming to Brisbane, I pencilled in the date.

Just in case you don't know of Chris's work, here is a brief introduction...

Chris Paton
Originally from Northern Ireland, Chris Paton is a Scottish based professional genealogist, running the Scotland's Greatest Story ancestral research service ( ). He is a regular contributor to several UK and Ireland based family history publications, and author of 13 family history books (9 of them published by Unlock the Past). He also writes the daily The GENES Blog (GEnealogy News and EventS) at , as well as his own personal genealogy blog

Hear from Chris 

Chris gave us lots of links and suggestions re research... many of which can be found on his blog or in his talks..

There wasn't a moment to let your mind wander, as so much was being said...according to Chris, he has a very odd accent, explained by being born in Northern Ireland, yet now living in Scotland. 

Personally, I could listen to him all day, not just for the accent, not even because we share a common christian name, but because he is so passionate and enthusiastic about his subjects. He tends to sprinkle his talks with lots of humour, finding absolute delight in the odd, strange and of course, very interesting records. He had us laughing and learning at the same time...especially when he found a touch of scandal about his wife's family. 

Briefly, it seems they were involved in a 'slight skirmish' in Ireland, and a battle had taken place on the family farm. Not only was the farm house damaged, but it was ransacked, and the losses were great..after all, a mahogany dining table had been taken, along with other furniture, and of all things, suits, shirts, pants, etc. A claim was sent to the authorities for compensation, very thoughtfully only claiming half the original value of the clothing, allowing for fair usage.. but the most interesting claim was for three sets of lace curtains, which the raiders had seconded for 'making into stockings' .. yes, that is correct. 

We were laughing even before Chris gave us an interpretation of the actions and statements of the raiders as they 'discussed' the marvellous soft lace they could remake into stockings.    😀

 If you missed seeing Chris this time, do look for his next visit, or rush to book at one of the other venues...

You can find all the details here..

Allow me to introduce you to the 


my genie mate, Chris Wright, Chris Paton and Chris Goopy

It was a very full day, beginning and ending with Chris Paton, ably supported by various members from UNLOCK THE PAST, including Rosemary Koppitke, who brought us up to date with the latest technologies from My Heritage and Helen Smith on the microphone.

Geoff Doherty, President of the Genealogical Association of Queensland, talked about the British Isles Resources held by GSQ 

Ann Swain, from QLD Family History Society, talked about the resources held at QHFS

Kirsten Perris, from the State Library of QLD, explained just what SLQ has regarding to British Isles...

All in all, a very busy and productive day, with the added benefit of catching up with old friends/genie mates and meeting those with whom we are friends online and finally being able to meet in person.

I expect each and every day in the program will be as informative and as much fun as the first.

As an Ambassador for the seminar, I was given a free ticket.


  1. Thanks for the great review Chris, glad you enjoyed it! Chris

    1. My pleasure.. It was interesting and fun..


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