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My immediate connection to the name is through my mother, 
one of four siblings born to 
Roy Leonard Swadling and Bridget Teresa Dillon.

* a few references to Pa (Roy Leonard Swadling) can be found here..

TROVE TATTLES  (Dillon Swadling entries)

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S. Swadling
Photograph appears on p. 25 of The Queenslander Pictorial, supplement to the Queenslander, 8 June, 1918
  • SWADLING Stephen : Service Number - 53294 : Place of Birth - Gracemere QLD : Place of Enlistment - Maryborough QLD : Next of Kin - (Wife) SWADLING Thyrza Mary Eliza

     This is the first page of 18 in Stephen's military file..

    You can retrieve the full file easily from SODA by typing in the barcode..  http://soda.naa.gov.au/item/8097374 as I have done here. These records can tell us a lot about a person, though not all are as complete as this.

    Date of Birth: 16th Jan 1885
    Age: 33 years 2 months
    Born: in or near Gracemere, Qld
    Occupation: Miner

    Wife: Thyrza Mary Eliza Swadling

    Address : March Lane. Maryborough Qld
    Day of enlistment: 3rd April 1918
    Joined the 9th Battalion
    5'6" tall 37" chest

    Sent to Sydney, embarked on the "Osterley" to Liverpool, Southampton, on to France..lost his service badge and had to submit a statutory declaration. You can also see why he was hospitalised..

    BDM HISTORICAL BIRTHS QLD has the following entry..

1885 C9304 Stephen Swadling  James  Sarah Norman 


Glebe, NSW
Courtesy of TROVE
researched by Robyn (Swadling) McNamara


Elizabeth Catherine Harriet (Rose) Swadling

Narrow Escape from Death by Snakebite.
A case of snakebite, which nearly proved fatal, occurred (says the Herald) at Webb's Creek, near Wiseman's Ferry, on Saturday afternoon last. 
Mrs. Swadling, wife of a farmer, was going bare-footed to the well, a little distance from the house, when looking over the cornfield, to see whether any cattle had strayed into the cultivation, she suddenly felt something pricking her right foot as if she had trodden upon a thorn. 
On looking down, she noticed a brown snake, about three feet long, on which she unconsciously had stepped, just in the act of putting the fangs into her left foot as well. With great presence of mind Mrs. Swadling frustrated the design of the snake and rushed back to the house, where, in the absence of her husband, she herself did everything to prevent the poison from circulating through her veins, by tying a tape as tightly as she could around the leg just above the ankle, and by making an incision where bitten, large and deep enough to cause the blood to flow freely, thus carrying off most of the injected poison.
Her mother and sister-in-law in the meantime sought help from neighbours; and whatever antidotes they had ready at hand -  such as brandy, salt, etc - were applied at once, so as to counteract the ill effects. 
However, Mrs. Swadling did not get off so easily; she fell from one fit into another, and for hours it seemed very doubtful whether her life could be saved. 
Towards midnight, however, she showed favourable symptoms of recovery. But the following afternoon fresh alarming symptoms appeared, and the help of the medical gentleman residing at St. Albans was sought, and under his treatment the patient is fast recovering.


The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) 
Sat 12 Feb 1887  Page 11
Maitland Mercury Tuesday 15 February 1887
The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889) Wednesday 16 February 1887 p 4 
The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Wednesday 16 February 1887 p 4
South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889) Saturday 19 February 1887 p 10

researched by Robyn (Swadling) McNamara
SWADLING children
Peace Day Celebrations

researched by Robyn (Swadling) McNamara

Thurs. 6 Nov, 1919


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 Bridget was my grandmother, born Clonboula, near Ennis, on 10 February, 1901. She was the second daughter and the 6th child of 12, born to Patrick Dillon and Ellen McGuane. 
She emigrated to Australia abt. 1923, married ROY LEONARD SWADLING on 21st August, 1924, in Dorrigo. They had 4 children, a son and 3 daughters...she died at just 40yrs 9 months of TB.

(c) RSwadling
Roy Leonard SWADLING b.1898, taken WW1 1918



born in 1894, in Sydney, to Cornelius (Con) Richard Swadling and
Ellen (Helen) Dobbie. 
In 1923, in Petersham, NSW, he married Margaret Irene Leslie (b 1894). He was living in Coff's Harbour, NSW, when the following took place.

I am yet to find the outcome of this court case... if anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.  I did find this, a happy occasion in 1949...

SWADLING-GALE - November 13, 1949 St. Augustine's Church, Coff's Harbour. Thelma Raye, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gale, to Maxwell Richard, eldest son of of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Swadling of Coff's Harbour.


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