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Edwin Stockqueler (1829-1900) - Public DomaiAn Australian Gold Diggings, oil on canvas


Patricia “Pat” A. Concannon, 89 Vale..  Cape Cod Times

John Grenham.  Mary John Mary John Mary John Mary 19 C Irish forenames

CERN's Giant 94000 eBook Library Gives Open Access to 126 New Books  Interesting Engineering (press release) (blog)

Queensland State Archives...reopening Reading Room on Monday 13 July! Book a time

Outback Family History

Anglo-Celtic Connections

The Citrus Archive   Laurel Hill House Virginia   How To Save a Glacier  Two-Story Outhouse

Family Tree Magazine

16 Genealogy Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money 

Using Reverse Genealogy to Overcome Brick Walls  

free, printable family tree chart for kids.

Where Did Your Last Name Come From? How to Research Surnames

10 Family “Heirlooms” to Create or Collect Today

7 Tech Tools to Organize Your Family History Collection

Australian Geographic

Smoky mouse miraculously survives bushfires, found in Kosciuszko National Park

Six-metre-long whale spine washes ashore on NSW far south coast beach

This stout little rifleman is New Zealand’s smallest bird     Gem of a town

91-year-old Australian seastar expert  publishes magnum opus 

Ireland Newsletter incl. SHERKIN ISLAND by Brian DeVon

Family Search Blog

New: Online Genealogy Consultations with Family History Library Experts

Fiji Culture: Traditional Food, Art, and More Radio and Music in the 1920s United States


The Gentle Author

The Little Visitors   Paul Trevor In Brick Lane, 1978     Adam Dant’s London Rebus

Alice Pattullo’s Alphabet  Phil Maxwell At Chrisp St Market  Syd Shelton’s East End

Monday Genea-Pourri - Week Ending 29 June 2020

Mrs. Daffodil Digresses

The Secret Honeymoon: 1898      The Wedding Ring: History and Superstitions

A Tired Housewife’s Plea to the Summer Visitors: 1886


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It’s A Family Thing  The Story Of The Snails   The Library At Alexandria

Of Horse Whisperers And Men


Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Shirley Quaid    Faerie Paths — Dogs    Doug Rowell 

A Warm Monday  Charles Vickery     Faerie Paths — Unique

The Irish Story

Browsing the 1641 depositions     The Derry Riots of 1920

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Making a book versus writing a book – is there a difference?

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Minna Fuld and Her Descendants: New Cousins from Sao Paulo, But A Brick Wall Remains

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A Silver Voice from Ireland

Mevagh Moments – Old Postcards tell a story     Remembering our brother



Stair na hÉireann

#OTD in Irish History – 29 June:

Before Bernadette

Spotlight on ... Going Solo!      Spotlight on ... Hats!  

Treasure Chest of Memories

12 Easy DIY Memory Crafts

Gerry's Family History

Emily Stickley – to America and back


Ireland from the air - photos taken by the Irish Air Corps

On This Day: Éamon de Valera becomes President of Ireland

On This Day: President Kennedy delivers his iconic Berlin Wall speech in Germany

Australian vineyard uses Irish prisoners to sell wine

The secret strength of Jean Kennedy Smith

Irish passport ranked sixth-most powerful in the world

WATCH: Dublin neighborhood dances to classic 90s tune while social distancing

Remembering the greatest Irish American on his birthday

Bono shares six life rules with graduating students

Lucky couple win caretaker job of remote Blasket Island after 45k applied

National Camera Day - The Irish man who helped invent color photography

How a US whaling ship freed six Irish revolutionaries from Australian prison

Ambitious proposals call for rail network connecting Dublin and Paris

WATCH: Donegal Irish dancing sisters featured in beautiful new video

Have you kissed the Blarney Stone? Top Irish tourist attraction reopens

A door to Irish history - behind the doors of Dublin's tenement museum

Hercules Mulligan - the Irish-born tailor and spy who saved Washington twice

Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera settle their split almost 100 years later

Understanding how Irish surnames were created


Before Bernadette    Spotlight on ... Who's In The Middle?

Little Wild Streak   Cholera in 1833

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Theresa Smith

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Book Review: Fathoms: the world in the whale by Rebecca Giggs

#BlogTour #BookReview: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

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Book of the Week: The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish

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That Moment in Time

Friday Fossicking 26th Jun 2020, TROVE changes, ducks swim on graves, archives to Hollywood, it is Mary Boleyn, man on the moon.. permanently, socially distant world, London's Lost Theater, communal sleeping, FREE online tree storage, mysterious tree huts, folding up the mourning 1891, newly discovered map shows thousands of burials, India's migration crisis, baby bilby boom, New Zealand electoral access 1853-1981, book reviews, 'always interesting' blogs and so much more.. Feel free to share...

Headlines of Old

As today ends the financial year, it seems appropriate to post re unclaimed money…

Unclaimed money, Trove Tuesday 30 June 2020, next of kin and heirs wanted… These lists were published in British, Australian and New Zealand papers..
Some of the names mentioned.. “William John Adams, left Armagh for Australia about 1874..”  “David Bell, late of Liverpool”… “ Harry Leonard Clough, born about 1854, late of New Zealand”.. Evelyn May Jones, daughter ofMary Barron Jones” and numerous others…some have details of occupations, birth places, residences…
Feel free to share…

Stay safe and well.
This will pass.


  1. I loved finding out about "the voices of the poor from England and Wales." I have watched the series Stitches in Time, and in one episode, the host goes to the foundling hospital and goes through their collection of textile scraps that people would leave with their babies, to help them match up when they came to collect their child. Those scraps tell the stories of ordinary people too -- so interesting but so sad!

  2. It certainly is an eye opener... re the voices of the poor from England and Wales.
    How sad that the mothers felt it necessary to leave a scrap fabric to identify their baby... makes you wonder how long they had to leave them in care. That would have been a very hard decision..
    Thanks for your comment...


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