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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


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* OCLC is a global library cooperative which supports thousands of libraries in making information more accessible worldwide. The WorldCat is part of the OCLC.  Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, websites and more.

OCLC and Internet Archive announced on October 12th that they are working cooperatively to make the Archive’s  collection 2.5 million digitized books easier to find and access online and through local libraries.

To learn more about how this new cooperative will work read the announcement on the OCLC website:

* The National Library of Scotland scanned nearly 90,000 map sheets from 1841-1952 of historic Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales.  Access is free.  Go to:
If you wish to order rather than just view the maps, there is a charge.  See:

To read more about maps of the National Library of Scotland which has maps in addition to England and Wales, Ireland, Belgium and Jamaica see:

* For those that have been frustrated in trying to find records of marriages in Europe this might shed some light why all marriages may not be listed in a civil registry office.  Civil registration is important for genealogists because they are a primary source for names, dates, places. In many European  countries Jewish records were originally included with the Church records until the specific country required separate registers for Jewish records.

The Council of Europe—which is comprised of 47 countries concur on marriage criteria concerning age, consent and kinship.  The combined population of the 47 countries is about 820 million people. In Europe, religious and civil marriages are recognized differently.  For countries where there is an established "state " religion, the civil register maybe signed as part of the religious ceremony, but there are countries where there is "tension" between the civil and religious entities.  In France a civil marriage must be preceded by a civil marriage-since the days of Napoleonic Code and Separation Law.  They are not the only country with such requirements. In some European countries, historically, if someone did not get a civil marriage but only a religious marriage, their children may have been considered illegitimate.   After the fall of Communism In Poland a "concordat marriage" was introduced with a treaty with the Vatican requiring the marrying couple to obtain a "no-impediment" notice from the state registry office and the priest is required to complete and return within 5 days of the marriage. To read more about marriages and the religious aspects for different European countries see:  

In Russia religious marriages have had no legal or civil status. "The Department of Registration of Civil Statuses, commonly referred to as ZAGS, began in December of 1917 under the decree that abolished the church order of marriage registration and handed the responsibility over to the civil authorities. In addition to marriages, ZAGS also registered births, deaths, divorces, changes of name and other "civil statuses."  For those who chose to marry in a religious ceremony it has to occur in addition to the ZAGS registration.  In a  ZAGS registration ceremony people still exchange rings, sign a registry and are officially pronounced man and wife.  To read more about the ZAGS ceremony and traditions see:

TASS, the Russian News Agency reports that  the deputy of the State Duma (lower house of Parliament) is drafting amendments to the Family Code which would give religious weddings a legal status equal with that of civilian marriages of rights and civilian duties.  To read more see:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee
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Additions to NSW..   Narrabri   … more to come   (thanks to Michelle Schaller)
Inverell, NSW .. more to come (thanks to Michelle Schaller)

15 additional cemeteries added to Irish Graves... some have just one entry, most have several.  
Many Irish counties are represented. 

NSW, Brisbane and outside of Brisbane..
Murwillumbah Catholic,

Sherwood, St. Margaret's Anglican Memorial Garden Sandgate,   
The Gap Uniting Church,  Tingalpa Christ Church (Anglican)

Lawnton, Lower Coomera, Meringandan , Mooloolah, Mudgeeraba, Mutdapilly General Cemetery,
Nobby Cemetery, Palen Creek St. James Catholic, Pine Mountain Catholic, Rosevale , Tamborine Catholic Cemetery, Tamrookum All Saints, 
Tiara Cemetery,    Toogoolawah,  Upper Caboolture Uniting (Methodist),  Wivenhoe Pocket General Cemetery,  Woodhill Cemetery,

As They Were

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Ireland Genealogy Project Archives.. 100,000 gravestone images not enough..

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Headlines of Old

Karrakatta Cemetery..Making Headlines Over Time..Trove Tuesday 17th October, 2017, Save our headstones, 


"Three years have passed since we said Goodbye.."

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J. Miller MARSHALL (22 November 1858 - 12-Jun-1935)                                                                               
Dead in Minehead, England.  PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Papers Past | OLD IDENTITIES AFTERNOON. (Auckland Star, 1899-02-02)

A Genealogist In The Archives: Preserving Our Ancestor's Handmade Textiles

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Mapping Civil War deaths in Dublin       The Irish Story

Reclaim the Records announced 115 years of New Jersey marriage indexes from 1901-2016,  are now posted to Internet Archive ( and are available for free!

While the indexes are not yet text-searchable you can flip through the images or download the records to your computer as JPGs, PDFs and other formats. The files are listed year-by-year and occasionally by a year range, and then the marriages are listed alphabetically by surname.

A Bride's Index is available for 1901-2000, permitting you to search by bride's surname or maiden name.  Many, but not all years also have a Groom's Index, alphabetically by the groom's surname. Unfortunately, for some years in the mid-1930's, the Grooms Index no longer exists. Reclaim the Records has asked the New Jersey State Archives to scan the microfilms covering those missing years.  These will be added online shortly—expect it by the end of the year.  FamilySearch who has helped Reclaim the Records previously has again stepped up and volunteered to digitally scan the microfilms for the missing years.

Twenty-first century data is also available!  The 2001-2016 section were received in PDF format one file per year—they didn’t have to convert the records from microfilms,  which permits you to do an actual text-search once you download the pdf's directly to your computer.  These are in chronological not alphabetical order.

The records are in various formats: some with the exact date of marriage and others have the license application date.  There are also different locality codes used.  More information is in the newsletter accessible at:

One can get the link with the two versions of the locality codes in the newsletter. 

As New Jersey legally started to recognize same sex marriage in September 2013, the header changed in late September 2013 to Spouse #1 and Spouse #2 not bride and groom.

The newsletter also relates the story of how Reclaim the Records was able to obtain these indexes and at no cost—thank you New Jersey Department of Health!  The freedom of information program in New Jersey is called Open Public Records Act (OPRA).  While the state seals the actual marriage record as private, all indexes for marriages is preserved as a public record. 

The New Jersey law embargo dates for vital records-genealogical copies is only for people who are  deceased whether it be a birth, death or marriage record   AND where the:
    the birth occurred more than 80 years ago
    the marriage occurred more than 50 years ago
    the death occurred more than 40 years ago 

Therefore, if you are researching New Jersey marriage records the indexes are the most promising opportunity for you obtaining information on marriages starting in 1901 through 2016.

Congratulations to Reclaim the Records!

The IAJGS Records Access Alert has been posting about privacy issues for over 2 years. It started with the European Union's adoption of the "right to be forgotten" and General  Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Both of these issues have spread to other countries and can impact what we as genealogists need to have to do our genealogy:  records access.

We have seen regulators and legislators erroneously assume that identity theft is caused by access to birth, marriage and death records.  The most current example is the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's proposed rule to place embargo dates of 125 years from date of birth and 75 years from date of death on records when they are transferred to the Department of Records of Records and Information Services (DORIS).  The Municipal Archives is within DORIS.  (See previous IAJGS Records Access Alert postings on this and the link to the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society's landing page for action items.)  The cause of identity theft is hacking into large databases, whether they be government, business, financial, or medical organizations etc.  The most recent examples are Yahoo where three billion email accounts were hacked; Equifax's 143 million credit reports were hacked and the U.S. government's voter records –198 million were leaked.

An op ed in the New York Times  addresses the End of Privacy.  The U.S. Constitution does not specify the right to privacy, however, the U.S. Supreme Court through its decisions and the 14th amendment " liberty" guarantee has broadly granted the right to privacy in some of its decisions.

Today, the Internet is ubiquitous and social media and search engines all have access to personal information.  Genealogists use both techniques in their genealogy.  How much personal information is available and no longer "private" in many instances is due to our own actions. There is litigation in the European Union that has been reported by the IAJGS Records Access Alert regarding perceived breeches of data privacy by social media and search engines.  Data transfer agreements between the European Union and U.S. ( and other countries) have be dissolved over the concern of privacy—these agreements affect thousand so businesses including genealogy and DNA businesses.

The issue of what can remain private and we can still access what we need for our genealogy is a very current issue.

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St Matthew's Windsor & Hawkesbury Regional Gallery  13 - 15th October, 2017, St. Matthew's Windsor : an Anglican Landmark celebrating 200 years, 

Irish Graves

Additions to Qld Cemeteries outside of Brisbane

Jandowae, Wambo Shire, Jondaryan, Kalbar, Kilkivan, Killarney Warwick, 

Additions to NSW..   Gulgong (thanks to Michelle Schaller)

Biographies - Cooney

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